Redefining the Rules of the Game In A Changing Landscape – Lessons From Retail


2024-02-01 | 02:10 PM - 02:50 PM

All industries are challenged and disrupted by significant changes in the way they design,  operate and deliver value to customers - perhaps none more so than the classic retail industry. After long being centred around a bricks and mortar presence on the high street, the emergence of ecommerce and online retailers has completely changed what the industry must do to thrive. The retail hybrid model – where retailers operate both online and in person – is now a common theme in retail, just as we have seen this evolution in events.

Organisations that are successful in the face of a disruption or challenge to the traditional method of operating are those that embrace technology, adapt to changing customer behaviours, and remain agile in responding to market trends. So what can we learn from retail?

René Kamm will draw on his experience as CEO for an omnichannel fashion retailer, and Group CEO at MCH Group to share insights into how the industry has adapted and evolved as new entrants, innovative players and changing customer expectations redefined the rules of the game.